Capital mistakes, cultural differences, and thinking through big stuff

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #154

From the Coaches

Alex Bäcker addresses two fundamental mistakes made by most venture capital and private equity firms: a lack of specialization in board member selection and inadequate investment practices in Two Capital Mistakes Made by Most Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms.

Rajeswari Ramanan discusses the complexities of managing performance in a globalized work environment and creating effective and culturally sensitive performance management systems in Cultural differences in managing performance.

Elise Mitchell delves into the complexities of decision-making for leaders, providing insights on common biases and mistakes to avoid in How To Be A Better Decision Maker: Thinking Through The Big Stuff.

Jason Shen talks about personal fulfillment beyond conventional success metrics, emphasizing the importance of pursuing work that aligns with personal values and interests in My Kind of Eggs.

Sam Adeyemi argues for the importance of empathetic leadership in retaining top talent and generating employee loyalty in Only Time + Empathy = Loyalty.

Tim Hagen explores the concept of mastering personal growth through SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Actions, Responsibilities) analysis, emphasizing its advantages in self-assessment and personal development over the traditional SWOT analysis in Soaring Above: Mastering Personal Growth Through SOAR Analysis.

From the Operators & Investors

A.J. Lawrence delves into Ramon Van Meer's unique entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing continuous learning and self-defining success, in Crafting Your Unique Path To Success In Entrepreneurship With Ramon Van Meer.

Suzan Bond explores the complexities and challenges of holding dual C-suite roles in Being Effective in an Interim Leadership Role Without Dropping the Ball.

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