The power of unlearning

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #158

From the Coaches

Olga Skipper explores the challenges faced by founders as they transition from early-stage startups to more established roles in The Power of Unlearning for Later Stage- and Serial Founders.

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh talks about key considerations for professionals at career crossroads, focusing on reconnecting with personal values, evaluating growth opportunities, and assessing workplace value alignment in Move Up or Move On: How to Know the Right Next Move in Your Career.

Fernando Rosario argues for the importance of having life caddies or mentors in various areas of your life, such as finance, career, and relationships in Who's Your Caddie?

Sean Byrnes emphasizes the importance of leaders making tough, sometimes unpopular decisions without fear of team reactions, underscoring that avoiding decisions due to fear compromises leadership in You Cannot Be Afraid of Your Team.

Nick Leighton explains the critical need for adaptability and preparedness in business strategy, rather than rigid planning, to effectively navigate the uncertainties of 2024 and beyond in Conquering 2024: The Power of Adaptability in Business Strategy.

Marie-Claire Ross outlines six key actions for managers to build trust in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of autonomy, encouraging trust among team members, and delivering results in Building Trust: 6 Proven Ways to Excel as a Leader.

From the Operators & Investors

Jodie Cook discusses the importance of patience and trusting the process in entrepreneurial endeavors, sharing personal insights on celebrating small wins and appreciating the journey rather than fixating solely on outcomes in Stop being impatient.

Katie Harper reflects on her journey to the C-suite, the impact of loneliness in her role, and strategies for dealing with isolation in leadership in Managing Isolation as a COO.

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