Creative planning, emotional intelligence, and strategy blockers

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #120

From the Coaches

Mike Kelly argues for the importance of overcoming fear in the workplace through strategic life and financial planning in Creative Planning Can Help Minimize Fear in the Workplace.

Andrew Block underscores the significant role of emotional intelligence in leadership, detailing its four domains and how they enhance a leader's ability to navigate complex challenges and improve team dynamics in Emotional Intelligence Improves Performance.

Jason Bargent delves into the common workplace issue of employees not performing expected tasks, attributing this to three fundamental reasons—lack of knowledge, lack of resources, or lack of willingness—and offers strategies for leaders to address these issues in Don't let individuals block your strategy.

Adam Griffin reflects on his favorite reads from the past year, including business, personal development, and historical novels in Looking for your next read?

Stephanie Peirolo focuses on how to recognize activities that bring energy and enjoyment to your life in Shift: Turn your attention to what works for you.

Erin Ellis discusses four common pitfalls leaders often have to deal with in strategic planning and offers solutions to avoid them in 4 Strategic Planning Pitfalls to Avoid.

From the Operators & Investors

Sasha Shillcutt encourages leaders to take a moment and make 2024 a year that’s full of personal growth, positivity, and small yet significant victories in The 2024 Mindset Shift: Strategies for Personal Transformation.

Guy Raz speaks with Tope Awotona, founder of Calendly, about the difficulties he faced going from Nigerian student to door-to-door salesman to creator of a major SaaS product used by thousands every day in Calendly: Tope Awotona.

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