Startup founders, negotiations, and productivity outputs

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #157

From the Coaches

Matt Zito advises startup founders and CEOs on optimal strategies for selling their companies, contrasting the traditional approach of waiting for a high valuation with more dynamic methods like selling within seven years in The question every startup founder & CEO ask themselves.

Allan T. discusses the importance of negotiation skills in business and explains the differences between negotiation coaching and training, emphasizing the benefits of each and helping readers decide which approach best suits their needs in Negotiation Coaching vs Training: The Secret to Success in Business.

Monica Levi encourages knowledge professionals to reassess their approach to productivity in Are you measuring the right productivity outputs?

Andy Ellwood shares his journey to Aspen, a place rich with memories, and explores the power of creating new experiences to override old ones in Make Room For New Tracks.

Adam Griffin explores the accessible nature of creativity, emphasizing the importance of both persistently generating ideas and taking action to mobilize them in How creativity happens.

Jim Highsmith reflects on the interplay between belief and behavior in the context of organizational agility in Belief and Behavior: A Two-Way Street.

From the Operators & Investors

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt shares her secrets for preventing burnout in high-stress situations in Mindfulness Techniques to Prevent Burnout.

Kyle Harrison discusses the dynamics of venture capitalists (VCs), focusing on their desire for validation, aversion to admitting wrongs, and the challenges they face in providing meaningful feedback in The Trough of Feedback.

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