Startup strategies, soft skills, and culture clashes

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #119

From the Coaches

Andy Scott highlights the vital necessity for startup founders to establish an Intellectual Asset strategy from the outset, as these assets are essential for securing funding, valuation, and sustainable growth in Does your Startup have a strategy to protect its Intellectual Assets?

Scott Asai explores the growing generational gap in soft skills, arguing that these skills need to be passed on to the next generation as a means to preserve human interaction and distinctiveness in the face of advancing technology in Saving Soft Skills From Extinction.

Dena Samuels emphasizes the importance of engaging effectively in conversations about racial justice and social issues in Culture Clash: How to engage people who have a different worldview than you.

Dr. Jo Mitchell provides an insightful guide to creating a personal vision statement, complete with life goals, values, strengths, and impact on the world in Dream catcher - a guide to shaping your life vision

Michele Kline shares her thoughts on inner confidence and offers strategies for overcoming self-doubt in Unlocking Your Inner Confidence: A Takeaway from 2023 and Two Keys to Take Into 2024.

Matt Hunter delves into the significance of fulfilling promises and maintaining integrity in Mastering Integrity: How To Be A Person Who Does What You Say You’re Going To Do.

From the Operators & Investors

Charity Majors argues for the importance of engineering managers in a startup environment while reminding CEOs that sometimes the overhead spent on management is worth the expense in Questionable Advice: 'My boss says we don’t need any engineering managers. Is he right?’

Suzan Bond highlights the often-overlooked threat of a divided leadership team to company goals, emphasizing the need for cohesive, united leadership over mere strategy formulation in The (Hidden) Threat to Reaching Company Goals.

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