Secrets, monasteries, and the power of pause

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #114

From the Coaches

Daniel Stillman emphasizes the importance of facilitators allowing groups to learn and collaborate effectively by not doing everything for them in The Secret of Transformative Facilitators.

Julius Bachmann reflects on his coaching practice and the need for commitment and responsibility in coaching partnerships in Beyond the Monastery: Shaping the Future of My Coaching Practice.

Julie Locke reminds us of the importance of "pausing" in a fast-paced world where it can often feel like stopping is never an option in The Power of 'Pause.'

Lia Garvin addresses the common misconception of "process for process's sake" in teams, offering strategies to clarify the purpose behind new processes and ensure team alignment and acceptance in How to Get People to Stop Rolling Their Eyes at the Word 'Process.'

Brian Formato argues for the value of embracing uncertainty and the opportunities it brings for growth and learning in The Power of Not Knowing The Answer.

Andy Ellwood reflects on the joy and perspective that comes from child-like wonder, sharing experiences from playing Santa and observing children's creativity in Make Room For Child-Like Wonder.

From the Operators & Investors

Arvid Kahl explores the impact of large language models and multi-modal AI on software entrepreneurship, emphasizing a balanced integration of AI in AI and the Future of SaaS.

Jason Lemkin analyzes the challenging venture capital landscape for SaaS companies in 2024, highlighting the difficulty of achieving high valuations post $200 million and the shift in investor expectations in Raising Venture Capital in 2024? The Air is Very, Very Thin Above $200,000,000 Valuations.

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