Prometheus, skills, and executive coaching podcasts

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #124

From the Coaches

Robert H. Johnson Jr. argues that great leaders are both born and made in Awaken the Leader in You: Five Skills Great Leaders Possess!

Melinda Fouts introduces the concept of "Promethean Finesse," a unique leadership skill derived from the myth of Prometheus in Promethean Finesse: A Unique Leadership Skill.

Severin Sorensen shares his favorite coaching leadership podcasts currently on the web in The 2023 Ultimate Guide to Top 60 Executive Coaching Podcasts: Insights from Arete Coach.

Adam Griffin challenges the notion of perfection in habit formation, advocating for the concept of 'rituals,' which are more forgiving and inviting in Ritual-ish. And the acceptance of imperfection.

Tim Hagen presents a "teeter-totter" model of coaching that aligns leaders' expectations with team members' personal goals in Balancing Expectations and Goals: The Path to Effective Coaching.

Michelle Tillis Lederman shares her journey of overcoming perfectionism, emphasizing the importance of consistency, effort, and acceptance of imperfection in Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist.

From the Operators & Investors

Julie Penner discusses the dualities startup founders must balance, including confidence with humility, optimism with reality, and managing both daily tasks and long-term vision in 6 Founder Paradoxes- Challenges to Manage, Not Problems to Solve

Arvid Kahl speaks with entrepreneur Kasey Jones about the art of strategic self-revelation on social media, tackling the challenges of vulnerability, imposter syndrome, and the transformative power of personal storytelling in The Art of Strategic Self-Revelation in the Digital Age.

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