Communication, productivity, and daily habits

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #152

From the Coaches

Miguel Ramos outlines what he sees as the primary steps of great communication so leaders can break down their conversations and make sure their message is getting across every time in 8 Main Inherent Steps of Communication

Nevia Fersula explores the inefficiency of multitasking and suggests productivity strategies in Know Your Brain To Augment Your Productivity.

Dr. Mary Kelly shares effective strategies for time management in Overcoming Overwhelm: Daily Habits and Strategies to Eliminate Time Waste'.

Austin Johnson, Ph.D., advises against the use of the "compliment sandwich" for giving feedback, advocating instead for the "compliment sundae" approach in Ditch the Compliment Sandwich.

John Mattone explores the significance of empathetic leadership in fostering team success, emphasizing its role in building trust, enhancing communication, and boosting employee engagement and retention in Leading with Empathy: The Powerful Trait That Drives Team Success.

John Rex explores the challenges of time management for leaders, highlighting the importance of prioritization, efficient time allocation, and self-care in Leaders: How Can You Unlock Efficiency and Balance in Your Life?

From the Operators & Investors

Suzan Bond explores the detrimental effects of siloed cultures within leadership teams and organizations, detailing common signs of such cultures and reasons behind their formation in When Orgs Become Siloed: Common signs and what to do about it.

Kyle Harrison highlights ambition as a rare and non-zero-sum commodity with significant potential for driving success in entrepreneurship and investing in The Non-Zero-Sum Game of Ambition.

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