Productivity, energy, and miserable jobs

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #115

Have you heard of Rich Litvin?

Rich is a coach to Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, and well-known CEOs. 

Through conversations on his podcast and writing on his blog, Rich helps his folks get to the heart of who they are and why they do what they do.

I’ve listened to Rich’s “1 Insight” for a little over a year, and I’m excited to share the Q&A bot that we’ve built based on his public work.

We call it “Ask Rich.”

Ask it a question and get an AI-generated answer derived from an interpretation of the contents of his blog and past podcast interviews.

Questions like:

  • How do you balance creative and mundane tasks?

  • What are some ways to build a great word-of-mouth business?

  • What are some ways to coach high performers?

Check it out:

From the Coaches

Jonathan Magnin shares the 5-step process he encourages his clients to use when they’re lacking the focus or motivation they need to excel in Maximize Your Productivity with This 5-Step Process.

Anthony Monroig provides nine actionable habits you can share with your clients to help them boost energy levels, combat burnout, and enhance overall well-being in 9 Habits for Leaders to Gain More Energy in 2024.

Liz Wright reminds leaders that leaving a job they’re not happy at isn’t always the right answer in The #1 reason you shouldn't leave your miserable job.

Timothy Tobin draws parallels between physical and leadership fitness, arguing that your leadership clients need to do more than just show up and expect great results in Start Building Your Leadership Fitness Today.

Angie Fairbanks discusses essential strategies for fostering stronger relationships within teams, focusing on emotional connections, impactful input, and safe conversations in Strategies for Building Stronger Relationships Within Your Team.

Matt Hunter explores the transformative power of regret as a tool for personal alignment and growth, encouraging readers to embrace and learn from their mistakes in Regret: A Powerful Path to a More Aligned Life.

From the Operators & Investors

Kyle Harrison reflects on the profound impact of writing consistently for two years, discussing how it has led to unexpected connections, introspection, and the exploration of themes like venture capital dynamics, the psychology of investing, and the power of storytelling in Having a Conversation With Yourself: 2023.

Brian Casel reflects on his 13-year entrepreneurial journey in SaaS, culminating in a redefined vision of success in Defining Success with SaaS.

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