Overdrive, discomfort, and landing a dream job

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #118

From the Coaches

Joseph Skursky emphasizes the roles of self-awareness and authenticity when it comes to leaders achieving higher levels of performance in Are You Operating in Overdrive?

Desmond K. Blackburn reflects on how leaders must embrace discomfort and engage in challenging conversations to bridge divides and build trust in Inclusive Leadership: Lean Into Discomfort.

Doris Aguirre offers guidance to professionals looking to land their dream jobs, including advice like distinguishing oneself through a unique value proposition and leveraging the expertise of specialized recruiters in Landing Your Dream Job

John Mattone explores the enduring impact of Martin Luther King Jr.'s leadership, including his service, authenticity, and effective communication in The Enduring Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr: An Authentic Leadership Model.

Teresa Brazen speaks with Ricardo de la Cruz about his leadership journey and the importance of fostering creativity, building trust, and managing energy for optimal team performance in The Inspirational Leader Series: Ricardo de la Cruz.  

Melody Wilding offers valuable strategies for remote workers struggling with isolation and stress in 4 Ways to Cope with Work-From-Home Paranoia.

From the Operators & Investors

Adam Mendler interviews Shaun Grove, President of Rumble Boxing, on embracing uncertainty and continuous learning as key aspects of leadership growth in Not Having All the Answers is a Fundamental Aspect of Leadership Growth.

Arvid Kahl interviews Kevon Cheung about his transformative journey in entrepreneurship, emphasizing the role of authenticity and financial stability in building a successful SaaS venture in Kevon Cheung — Embracing Vulnerability in Startup Culture.

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