Unexpected secrets, good leaders, and ego checks

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #122

From the Coaches

Rusty Gaillard explores the critical role of tolerating discomfort in leadership, emphasizing its importance in continuous growth and navigating challenging work situations in The Unexpected Secret To Good Leadership.

Glen Esnard examines why capable leaders leave organizations, attributing departure to factors like feeling undervalued, inadequate growth opportunities, lack of trust in senior leadership, and excessive stress in Why Good Leaders Leave.

BJ Gray reminds leaders of the importance of having checks and balances on people at the highest levels of leadership in Coaches Corner: Time for an Ego Check

Kim Carpenter emphasizes the power of shifting from traditional New Year’s resolutions to a more profound approach of completing with the past and being intentional about the future in Finish Strong, Start Stronger.

Dr. Rick Goodman urges leaders to embrace authenticity and disconnection from digital overload, emphasizing the value of imperfection, genuine relationships, curiosity, and everyday acts of kindness for true personal development in Personal Growth in the Digital Age.

Adam Griffin explores how communication (typing and talking) and problem-solving (thinking) skills impact career success and personal fulfillment in Typing, talking, thinking.

From the Operators & Investors

Dr. Gladys McGarey, the 103-year-old mother of Holistic Medicine, shares her insights on what your clients should do to live the longest and best possible lives in 103 Year Old Doctor Reveals The Secrets To Living Longer, Happier & Healthier.

Marty Langenderfer shares how his focus on cohesive team-building and scalable systems have helped him grow Spavia into the company it is today in Inspect What You Expect: Interview With Marty Langemderfer, Founder and CEO of Spavia.

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