Feeling lost and stuck

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #156

From the Coaches

Will McInnes shares a valuable list of resources and books for first-time managers, focusing on crucial skills like communication, self-management, coaching, and understanding diverse management styles in Books and resources I recommend for first-time managers.

Hayden Humphrey speaks to aspiring leaders in their 20s who are feeling lost and are looking for advice in Feeling lost and stuck in your 20s? This is what you need to realize.

Jessica E. Samuels highlights the need for organizations to better support and prepare diverse talent for executive roles in This Common Mistake Is Limiting Your Diverse Executive Leadership Growth.

Ramona Shaw speaks about the benefits and potential pitfalls of new leaders trying to emulate the people they admire in Copycat Leadership.

Mark MacLeod delves into the pivotal shift in mindset necessary for CEOs to transition from operational involvement to strategic leadership in Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business.

Lia Garvin explores the detrimental impact of managerial bottlenecks on business productivity and profitability, offering actionable strategies to delegate effectively, establish clear project milestones, and maintain a productive workflow in Being a Bottleneck is Costing You Thousands of Dollars a Month.

From the Operators & Investors

Adam Mendler speaks with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci about her journey from being diagnosed with endometriosis to becoming a health and wellness guru in Know Yourself, Be Yourself, and Love Yourself.

Julie Zhuo explores the complexities and misconceptions of data in business, emphasizing its role in both analytical and operational decision-making in The Looking Glass: The Paradoxes of Data.

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