Enablement, engagement, and ambition

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #113

Last week, my co-founder and Heyday CEO, Samiur Rahman, spoke with the wonderful coaches in Connie Liu's Coaching Corner community about how AI might impact coaching.

Here are links to the presentation PDF and a recording of the talk. Check it out!

Now on to today’s tips…

From the Coaches

Andy Polaine discusses the shift from traditional leadership styles to a more enabling and facilitative approach, arguing that this change will help empower teams and nurture positive work cultures in Leading versus Enabling.

Beth Steinberg advocates that leaders adopt an engagement-driven leadership style over an enforcement one as engagement can help nurture strong relationships and lead to sustainable business results in Leadership by Engagement or Enforcement - what model drives long-term results?

Nicolai Tillisch and Nicolai Chen Nielsen share key insights on what it takes for you to get the most out of clients who dream big in For Coaches with Ambitious Clients.

Dr. Rick Goodman provides a comprehensive guide for the largest generation in the workforce, millennials, emphasizing the need for skills like effective communication, collaboration, adaptability, and digital savviness in Leadership Skills for Millennials.

Tim Hagen introduces the concept of 'Coaching Champions'—influential individuals within teams who can foster positivity and challenge negativity in Elevate Your Leadership with Coaching Champions.

Louis Carter outlines four key competencies for accountable leadership in 2024 in 4 Competencies to Become a More Accountable Leader in 2024.

From the Operators & Investors

Adam Mendler interviews Nathaniel Barnes, CTO of MeridianLink, exploring his journey from a self-taught software engineer to a technology leader, emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility, continuous learning, and staying slightly uncomfortable for growth in Take an Honest Look at What You Can Do Better.

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt reflects on how authentic friendship, societal challenges, and other emotional experiences made an indelible mark on her 2023 in Life Lessons for Women: 10 Transformative Insights I Learned in 2023.

Oh hey, what’s Heyday?

Modern coaches rely on Heyday to generate shareable session notes, see themes from client conversations, and share insights that bring more of the right clients to them. Want to be more present with your clients? Try Heyday!

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