Mindsets, company issues, and transitions

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #161

From the Coaches

Stacey Luces shows how a change in mindset could be the single change your clients and their teams need to make to find the success they’re looking for in The Power of Mindset: Paving the Way for Success in Leadership.

Mitchell York outlines a systematic approach for leadership teams to permanently resolve business issues using what he calls the “Issues List" in Fixing Your Company's Issues Forever.

Robin Elledge shares insights that could help clients who are currently navigating significant life transitions in Making Sense of Transition: 8 tips to keep you moving forward.

Joe Folkman examines the complexities of productivity in hybrid work environments, discussing both the advantages and challenges of managing teams remotely and in person in Maximizing Productivity in Hybrid Work: Strategies for Managers.

Maika Leibbrandt delves into the transformative power of prioritizing curiosity over correctness in the context of feedback and its role in building learning organizations and enhancing performance and emotional connections in Dreading feedback isn’t personal. It’s a prioritization problem.

Jody Michael underscores the significance of integrating personal development with professional growth, highlighting its vital role in enhancing leadership abilities and overall career success in How Personal Development Leads to Professional Success.

From the Operators & Investors

Tristan Harris speaks with Guy Raz about the potential issues that may arise from the quick deployment of AI in The peril (and promise) of AI with Tristan Harris: Part 1.

Kyle Harrison explores the historical evolution of venture capital from its hardware beginnings to the present focus on software in Deep Tech For Deep Minds? Or Deep Pockets? Thinking Through The History & Evolution of Hard Investing.

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