Burnout or abuse?

The Mental Breakdown - Edition #121

From the Coaches

Mo Kasti highlights that burnout is a systemic issue, not self-inflicted, and suggests that leadership development can be a cure, especially in the healthcare field in Call It Burnout or Abuse, The Cure is the Same.

Dipti Salopek holds a long-ranging interview that touches on remote work and how managers can do more to keep teams connected in Talk Talent To Me

Yaniv Bernstein discusses the differences between traditional businesses and startups, focusing on aspects like objectives, activities, and leadership philosophies in Traditional Business vs Startups - The Essential Differences That Drive Disruption

Jenny Reilly encourages readers to review their past year's achievements and challenges, set goals, and improve time management skills in Forging Ahead: Reflecting on 2023, Embracing 2024.

Stephanie Kirby explains how small businesses can leverage local SEO to build a reputation and larger customer base in Unlocking the Power of Local SEO: A Small Business Guide to Generating More Leads.

Trevor Jones writes a short piece on how your clients can use their strategic environment to come out ahead in negotiations in Defining the Context of Your Negotiation.

From the Operators & Investors

Matt Blumberg discusses the difference between defining your workgroup as a family versus a team, arguing that teams, unlike families, are performance-driven and adaptable in Family vs. Team?

Jason Lemkin offers guidance on how to approach the challenging situation of firing a co-founder who is also a friend in What’s The Best Way to Fire Your Co-Founder … Who Was Once a Friend?

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